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Im talking the yummy fruit not the social outing. 😉

Dates are great and often an essential ingredient when composing many of our raw food desserts. Not only do they act as a sweetener, but they also help bind together the dense and nutritious nuts with any of your favorite baking spices. Creating a fantastic, yummy, and filling cookie, brownie, pie crust, or even a crumble topping for a cobbler. mmmm….

Grabbing the rest of our luscious medjool dates, I then stuffed them into a sandwich ziploc bag, crossing my fingers I wouldn’t be forced to throw them out at o’hare. Lucky for us it turned out TSA is okay with food as long as it’s not liquid and is in sealed see-through packaging.

It’s true I won’t be able to make the wonderful desserts we’re used to without having a food processor handy, but one of the great things about living foods is all the ingredients can be eaten by themselves.

Medjool dates are sweet-delicious ready to go snacks (minus the pit). They are jam packed with iron, potassium, niacin, and folate. A perfect pick me up after a long plane ride also.