Things I Learned In Youghal, Co Cork, Ireland

Youghal is a beautiful town so far with an immense amount of history. Tomorrow we’ll have a chance to explore more, but a few things have already been learned in the last few hours.

  1. Youghal is pronounced ‘Yawl’. Or at least according to some flier we saw today. I don’t think it’s as easy a pronunciation as the y’all that Americans may be familiar with, but similar.
  2. There is more than one bus stop in Youghal, and only one hostel. The hostel is very close to a bus stop, but on the opposite side of a very long town from the first bus stop. If you get off at the first stop, near ‘town centre’, you will enjoy a log walk.
  3. Beamish is not a bad stout. In fact it was interesting enough to try again, even though my brain is wired for Guinness. It was also €0.60 cheaper than other stouts at the time of our visit, so that may have played a part.

There you have it. Another post is forthcoming detailing other things I’ve learned today, but these have just appeared in Youghal.

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